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Axe Throwing Quincy IL
Axe Throwing Quincy IL

We are the largest and most established Axe Throwing Venue throughout the State of Illinois. Currently in Peoria, Bloomington, Decatur, Quincy, and Princeton, with 2 Mobile Units Serving Southern and Central Illinois. Established in 2018, we promise you that we will show your Group an unforgettable Experience! We book only Private Events, never combining you with guests outside of your Booking Group just to fill the lanes. Special Occasions and Corporate Events are our Specialty Offering reduced rates off hours to bring Families, Friends, and Companies together to build Bonds and work as a Team. If you're looking for a Memorable Experience to be Talked About, We are perfect for you!

Currently the Decatur and Quincy locations are equipped with Automated targeting Systems. we have tried installation of this system in Peoria and Bloomington, but due to the location of our throwing area the system is not able to work properly. We Throw year-round in all 4 Locations in heated enclosed spaces in the Winter and move or open it up during the for the outdoor experience during the summer. Our Psycho Silo Saloon Venue is a Seasonal Venue and closes during the Winter.

All of our Locations also Provide Live Music Performance on select days, Talk about sensory overload. One of a Kind Axe Experience, Great Food and Drinks, and Live Music!

If you are having issues reserving a lane or require additional support please contact us at or call us at (309) 361-5502 between 4-10 CST Weekdays, or 12-10 Weekends.

See our Refund Policy in FAQ for more details.

A little more history on us, Rocket Axe Throwing was formed within our parent company Rocket Wood Products Inc. We started in Business as a Wood Working Studio in Pekin, IL in 2016. We partnered with sawmills to offer wood products and furniture specializing in Live Edge Slab Tables and Bars and CNC Wood Carving. After getting Hooked on Axe Throwing in 2017 we worked with our local Sawmill and Produced Cotton Wood Axe Boards to improve the experience of Axe Throwing in our backyard with Friends and Family. We were lucky enough to be invited to compete in the 2018 World Championships for WATL on ESPN. At that event we introduced our Axe Boards to the WATL. They loved our Boards and is now the Standard in Competitive Axe Throwing. We produce tens of thousands boards and ship around the country. We hand pick our timber to Mill to give the best stickiness and longevity. Guests that have thrown at other Axe Houses always say we have the best Boards. If you're interested in setting up your own backyard experience let us know. 

What is Rocket Axe?

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