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  • Steven Laatsch

"The Best Way to Find Out if you can Trust Somebody is to Trust Them".... Ernest Hemingway

The Rocket Axe Experience started with the help and trust with so many strangers in 2017. We started in our Backyard, no one had Axe Throwing! That was the easy part!

Caroline and I have been kicked out of 2 insurance companies and finally landed a policy with West Bend. Gary Webster, of Webster Insurance Solutions LLC first laughed at the idea but started ringing the phone until he was able to find someone to cover our vision. He's become a friend and great business partner.

Then there was the footwork to find partners. And what a struggle that was. McMahons in Washington, IL was the first to sign our agreement. Our vision was to have Food, Full Bar, and Music! Unfortunately, the COViD shutdown prevented them from continuing.

We signed in Oakford, IL at Hill Prairie Winery, it didn't go over that well with the brides having Wedding Pictures with Targets in the background. But it was beautiful place to throw until the Tornado knocked our lanes over. Guess that was our sign it was find another location.

And of course, Pyscho Silos Saloon and Industry Brewing Co, which are still our partners!

Our plan for this Blog is to explore the History, Food and Libations, Music, and our Patrons that Support us and our Vision!


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